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EXOGENOUS KETONES – best energy source in the world

discover the world’s first exogenous ketones

>>> Better with KETONES <<<
You are only a few days away from becoming the best version
of yourself!

What could you do if you had more energy? Would your life be easier?
Could you be more successful?

You can just be better if you hack the natural metabolic process of ketosis.

KETONES are superior to glucose. If the body has both available, it prefers KETONES.

Particularly brilliant is: KETONES can overcome the blood-brain barrier! This changes the way you think and perform: more alert, faster, more focused, more creative.



    KETONES are superior to glucose.

    • BETTER PERFORMANCE 100% 100%
    • BETTER FAT BURNING 100% 100%
    • BETTER SKIN HEALTH 100% 100%
    • BETTER SLEEP 100% 100%

    Exogenous Ketones

    discover the world’s first exogenous ketones


    In contrast to endogenous ketones, which the body produces itself in the liver in the state of fat burning, exogenous ketones are supplied from outside in the form of powder or liquid.


    Research into the condition of ketosis is very old and ketogenic nutrition as an example was used as early as 1921 or much more specifically developed for epilepsy patients.

    EXOGENOUS KETONES have been in use since the 1950s. However, they are only available for the Navy Seals and in special clinics.

    The inedible taste and expensive production were not suitable for everyone. But since 4 years this energy source is now available for ALL and brand new now also in Europe!


    Only products containing pure R-BHB are 100% bioavailable and recommended. Numerous tests and studies have confirmed this.

    The experts in detail

    the team of experts clarifies all your questions

    Steven Graves

    Graduate psychologist, naturopath for psychotherapy, functional training expert and organizer of the movement camp

    E-Mail contact

    Andreas Ullrich

    Personal trainer & coach, sports scientist, author and speaker;
    PIONEER as far as ketones are concerned. One of the first hours to work on the topic

    E-Mail contact

    Dr. med. Elke Lorenz

    Cardiologist, nutritionist, lifestyle coach

    E-Mail contact

    Patrick Meinart

    Sports scientist, qualified psychologist and sports physiotherapist for 20 years, international speaker and author

    E-Mail contact

    Isabell Neumann

    E-Mail contact

    Adrian Schnell

    Entrepreneur, IT specialist, BioHacker & Keto fan

    E-Mail contact

    Christian Heyer

    Personal trainer, nutritionist and online coach

    E-Mail contact

    Dunja Bradl

    Nurse and naturopath

    E-Mail contact

    Abdul Qudsi

    Health & Performance Advisor

    E-Mail contact

    Jens Kettmann

    Personal Trainer

    E-Mail contact

    Andreas Breitbart

    Personal Trainer

    E-Mail contact

    Cristoph Kühnhauser

    Personal Trainer & Kettlebell expert, former competitive karate athlete

    E-Mail contact

    Rebéka Röhrich

    Personal trainer, medical trainer, athlete and absolute mountain junkie

    E-Mail contact

    Markus Pfeiffer

    Diploma in sports science, personal fitness trainer, competitive sport body trainer, sport rehab trainer, senior trainer, initiator of Bootcamp Würzburg

    E-Mail contact

    Robert Weise

    Personal Trainer

    E-Mail contact

    Serge Blechschmidt

    Designers, athletes and entrepreneur

    E-Mail contact

    Sebastian Kanitz

    Diploma in sports instructor, sports / fitness manager, personal trainer, Das Bootcamp (founder)

    E-Mail contact

    Marco Keller

    Gym owner, golf head coach

    E-Mail contact


    Better with ketones


    What impresses me most is the mental clarity and composure, besides my continuous physical vitality and performance.

    Kerstin F.

    age 25

    As I often organize and host big events due to my job, I had an extreme strain, hardly any sleep and a really bad mood! Since the KETONES have slipped into my life, I master such events again like a 20-year-old and my mood is consistently good. The best of it: The regeneration of an event lasting several days with max. 4 hours sleep is phenomenal!

    Frank S.

    age 65

    • I do intermittent 16/8 fasting, which fits perfectly into my daily routine. In combinati- on with KETO/NAT I lost 20 cm abdominal and 13 cm of thighs circumference within 3 months. I do not have to do without anything or limit myself, which I find great.

    Andrea M.

    age 38


    Ketones > Glucose

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